Incentive mechanism for cooperative content discovery in mobile wireless networks: A repeated cooperative game-theoretic approach


In this paper we introduce a new collaboration paradigm to achieve content discovery with infrastructure fixed on many autonomous geographical regions in mobile wireless networks. In this paradigm, mobile users, physically located in the regions, send a request to the infrastructure and obtain contents using their mobile devices. To achieve the paradigm, we design an incentive mechanism with a repeated cooperative game-theoretic approach. This approach stimulates mobile users that are selfish and often reluctant to consume their energy for providing any information or services to make their own contents available to someone else. Additionally, we discuss game ingredients in our approach, including the assessed value, the battery charge level and the signal strength level. We find all Nash equilibria in our approach and obtain the ratio of temporal discounting. The results via our simulations show that our approach can effectively motivate mobile users to share their contents in terms of the ratio.


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