Improvements of using the WOMN System in Communication


The increasing demand of various networking applications such as Internet, voice, data, video and TV services inside large cities with large population requires the design and implementation of more effective metropolitan networks. Currently, several wireless networking systems were established to provide such services. Two main fixed broadband access network were used for such services: Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) and Multi-channel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS). Both of these systems face several problems such as: high cost, relatively low speed, small coverage area, and last-mile bottleneck. The effect of the above mentioned problems are more obvious when the network size increases. The deployment of a new technology by using Wireless Optical Mesh Network (WOMN), which use wireless optical communications between nodes, can overcome these problems and can provide more bandwidth, interference-free, frequency-free and more effectiveness in applications that require a real time responding like video surveillance. We investigate the WOMN advantages and disadvantages. We also discuss the commercial, geographical coverage and real time applicability. We will also investigate the challenges to deploy the new technique for local and metropolitan networks between different city buildings.


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